Foulke Construction Company is a fourth generation, family-owned business that began in Hillsdale as the area’s barn builder of choice, and has now become the region’s main commercial contractor. Over our last eighty years in business we have focused on being ethical, being service oriented, producing a quality construction product, standing behind every project, and being adaptable to the constant changes in our market and industry. We believe that all of these vital components will add value to your important building project.

We take pride in the fact that we have many repeat customers in both new construction and renovation construction. We specialize in commercial, industrial and institutional projects, and have serviced several customers repeatedly for over fifty years. This repetitive business relationship is evidence of the level of service we offer during the design phase, construction phase and even subsequent to “turning over keys”. Our customers know they can call on us at any time, and at any phase of each large or small project.

The owners and employees of Foulke Construction Company are also residents of the community, and know our reputation is on the line with every project. When a construction project is complete we do not walk away from the job because we have built the very buildings where our children attend school, where we worship, where our medical needs are attended to, where we conduct our business and where we socialize. We understand completely that our job is to deliver a well built product for our customers that will be an asset for many years to come for this community, the same community where we all work and play.

Rigid Building Systems Premier Suplier

Foulke Construction will engineer, detail and manufacture 100% of the standard steel building components required for most buildings. In addition to the primary and secondary framing, we offer 7 different types of through fastener panels and 3 structural standing seam roof profiles. Whether it is a shop, a church, a bank, or an industrial complex of unlimited size, we can handle your needs all at a very competitive price.