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Hosted Business PBX VoIP Phone Service

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Plan Features (click feature set below to expand details)

> Call Handling Features

  • Hold
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Forward
  • Caller ID
  • 3-Way Calling
  • Conference Calling
  • Do Not Disturb (DND)

> Convenience Features

  • Intercom
  • One Touch Voicemail
  • Group Voicemail
  • Fax via Email
  • Voicemail via Email
  • Large Phone Screen
    • Full Status of Features of Phone
    • RSS News Feeds - Scrolling News Feeds
    • Call Screening
  • Secure PIN Based Login
  • Speed Dials
    • Personal Up To 99
    • Enterprise Up To 300
  • Directories
    • Missed Calls
    • Received Calls
    • Placed Calls
    • Personal Contacts
    • Enterprise Contacts
  • Our Phones - Real time status of users on your phone system
  • Call Recording
  • Click-to-Dial with Outlook Integration

> Advanced Convenience Features

  • Record on Demand
  • Paging
    • Handset to Handset
    • Overhead
  • Park and Pick-up
  • Faxing To and From Desktop
  • MeetMe Conference Calls - Invite multiple parties to a conference call with PIN secured logins
  • Web Portal Access
    • Call status
    • Access recordings from calls
    • Easily establish directories
    • View received faxes
    • Create MeetMe Conferences

> Call Routing

  • Auto-Attendants - From simple menus to more complex situations and multiple different auto attendants
  • Time of Day Routing - Ability to route calls based off what time that call is received
  • Hunt Groups - Never miss a call by having multiple parties phones ring in endless combinations
  • Call Tagging - See what number a caller dialed to get to you
  • Find Me Follow Me - Route individual line calls by phone number, time of day, and other customizable options and also auto reject calls
  • Faxing
    • Personal Line Faxing
    • Group Faxing - have multiple people receive faxes directly on their desktop from one number
  • Call Intercept - The ability to intercept the next incoming call by pre-defined call groups
  • True Call Queuing


Cisco 7971G
Cisco 7971G
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Cisco 7965G
Cisco 7965G
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Cisco 7962G
Cisco 7962G
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Cisco 7960G
Cisco 7960G
view data sheet
Cisco 7940G
Cisco 7940G
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Cisco 7914U
Cisco 7914U
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Cisco 7916U
Cisco 7916U
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Hosted Business PBX Plans (Base Plan - No Equipment Included)

Calling Plan¹ Price² Minutes
Business Hosted PBX 100 $13.95/mo
(plus taxes & fees)
Business Hosted PBX 250 $18.95/mo
(plus taxes & fees)
Business Hosted PBX 500 $25.95/mo
(plus taxes & fees)
Business Hosted PBX 1000 $31.95/mo
(plus taxes & fees)
Business Hosted PBX 1500 $36.95/mo
(plus taxes & fees)
Business Hosted PBX Unlimited³ $41.95/mo
(plus taxes & fees)
  • 12-month service contract required; early termination fee is $275.00, or remainder of contract
  • First service payment and installation fee due at time of install
  • For non-DMCI Customers: One-time installation fee is $79.00 (install fee waived for existing DMCI Broadband Internet Customers)
  • Terms of Service.

    ¹ Requires minimum Internet connection speed of 768k per line.
    ² Monthly billing requires credit/debit card or ACH direct payment authorization.
    ³ Unlimited use subject to Reasonable Use Policy.