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Web Hosting Services

DMCI Broadband Web Hosting is for housing your website and providing Internet access (bandwidth) to it making your web content accessible to users of the Web.

DMCI Broadband Web Hosting services offers Windows Hosting or Linux Hosting, in addition to Email Services, Databases, Developer Tools, Applications, and more.

While ideal for individuals and small businesses, our dedicated servers are also perfect for larger businesses hosting multiple traffic-intensive Web sites.

Contact us today for more details on specific plan features, or for help deciding which plan best suits you.

Web Hosting Plans

Plan Details Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Price $9.99/mo $14.99/mo $17.99/mo 29.99/mo
Contract Term 1 yr 1 yr 1 yr 1 yr
Disk Space 100 MB 1 GB 10 GB 100 GB
Domain Registration $25.00/yr $25.00/yr $25.00/yr $25.00/yr
SSL Certificates $35.00/yr $35.00/yr $35.00/yr $35.00/yr
Email Boxes 1 5 10 15
WebMail Access yes yes yes yes
Frontpage Extensions - yes yes yes
Scripts - - yes yes
MySQL Database - - 10 (1 GB) unlimited
MS SQL Database - - 2 (200 MB) unlimited
E-commerce - - - yes