Technical Support

Managing your SPAM

DMCI Broadband's mail servers filter thousands of SPAM messages each day. Occasionally, legitimate messages will get tagged as SPAM and be placed in the SPAM Folder of Webmail.

If you solely use DMCI WebMail to access your email account, click here for instructions on using WebMail and managing SPAM via the WebMail client.

If you use a mail client (e.g. Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, etc.) you will receive a SPAM Report notifying you of the new SPAM message. From this report email you will have a number of actions available to you. These actions are detailed below:

Click here to see a SAMPLE SPAM REPORT

If the message is a legitimate email you can Whitelist the sender to prevent further filtering by our server for this specific sender.
If you want this message to be delivered to your Inbox, but still want the mail server to continue filtering further messages from this specific sender you can choose to Deliver the message.
This option will simply Delete the message from your SPAM folder.
If the message is SPAM, and you no longer want to receive mail from this address, you can Blacklist the sender. All future mail from this specific sender will be rejected by the mail server.
Show Message
This option will simply open the mail message in a web browser for your review. You will still want to choose the applicable action in the SPAM Report once you have reviewed the message's content.